Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information, please review “How It Works”.

Is this legitimate?

  • Absolutely! PennyRC isn’t even a gambling site. If you “win” an item; CONGRATULATIONS, you probably got the deal of the century! BUT, if you didn’t win, you can apply Bid Credits toward the purchase of that item. That way it minimizes the risk associated with other pay-per-bid platforms. PennyRC is even registered with the BBB!


What are Bid Credits?

  • If you don’t win an auction, you can apply a Bid Credit toward the purchase price of the item. A Bid Credit is earned at $0.50 for each bid on an item. Bid Credits cannot be accumulated over multiple auctions or transferred to other auctions. Bid Credits can only be used on the auction in which the bid was placed.  


Why can’t I finish the registration process?

  • Make sure you typed in the correct Captcha code and verify your date of birth. You must be at least 18-years-old to participate.


Why can’t I get my email verification code?

  • You must verify your email before you can proceed. Sometimes, email services will mark these messages as spam so first check your junk mail. Then add to your all senders list or contacts and log back into PennyRC to request another verification email.


Are the products new?

  • Unless it’s otherwise stated in the details, yes the products are new.


Where do the products come from?

  • Most of the products are purchased from Amain Hobbies on your behalf and will be shipped directly from Amain to your house. PennyRC chose Amain Hobbies to fulfill won auctions and Buy It Now orders due to the fantastic reputation of Amain Hobbies. PennyRC is not affiliated in any way with Amain Hobbies.


Why can’t I place any more bids on an auction?

  • So you’ll always get the best deal! PennyRC limits your bidding because you can apply Bid Credits toward the purchase price. For example: If you’re bidding on an item with a $20 retail value and current bid price of $5.00; PennyRC will not let you bid more than 30 bids. Why? 30 bids will give you $15 worth of Bid Credits toward the purchase of the item and if you won, you would still have to pay the $5.00 for the price of the auction. At any time never fail to wanted generating income on line underground dumps shop are up to of which acceptable at once. Therefore, the $20 retail price was already reached with the $15.00 Bid Credits plus the $5.00 of the auction. If we allowed you to continue bidding, you would be paying more than you should… So we limit these bids for your protection and ensure you always get the best deal.


Why didn’t my bid register?

  • Bids are tracked using a time stamp on the auction server to keep everything fair; however, it is possible that your internet service started lagging and the auction server didn’t get the bid request in time. Try to avoid waiting to the last few seconds to place your bid to allow enough time for the auction server to receive and process the bid request.


What is AutoBidder and how can I check if it’s set?

  • The AutoBidder will place bids from your account and make sure that you are always the highest bidder after the current auction price reaches your start point. Make sure you have enough bids to cover the AutoBidder so you don’t run out too early!


Why is my AutoBidder running more often than other AutoBidders?

  • Each AutoBidder that you set up runs independently of the other. If you happen to set 2 or more AutoBidders on the same auction to run at the same time; each AutoBidder will run independently. For example if you have 2 AutoBidders and you’re going up against two different opponents each with their own AutoBidders; the order could be: You; Opponent 1; You; Opponent 2; You; Opponent 1, etc. Make sure that you check the status of your AutoBidders and make sure they do not overlap.


I won an auction! Now what?

  • Congratulations! You’ll first have to “checkout” in order to pay the amount of the auction price plus shipping for the item. After you checkout; you’ll get an email confirmation and we’ll take it from there.


What is the Gift Card Option?

  • While you are checking out, most items will have the option to exchange the item for a gift card. The gift card value will be for 90% of the value of the auction. That way if you’d like a similar item to the one listed, you can exchange it for a 90% gift card so you can get the item you really wanted.


How long do I have to pay for won auctions or Buy It Now items?

  • You will have 48 hours after the auction closes to pay for won auctions and Buy It Now items with Bid Credits. PennyRC tries to pick items that are in high demand to appeal to the most people; however, many times there are limited quantities so we need to process orders as quickly as possible.


Why hasn’t my order shipped yet?

  • Please email with the details. Most likely, the shipping confirmation email didn’t go through but we will certainly look into it to ensure you receive your item as quickly as possible.


How long until items are shipped?

  • We try to process and ship the items out as quickly as possible! You will receive a shipping confirmation email when everything is processed. Getting new RC stuff is always exciting so we don’t want to delay the excitement anymore than we absolutely have to!